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Why Social Ecommerce?

Customers are socially savvy, and they are heavily engaged in social network platforms.

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How does social ecommerce work?

Using various socially engaging solutions to increase sales within social network platforms.

Group Buy

Flash Sale

Slash Sale

Slash Sale

Similar to Group Buy, Slash sale also uses social network effects to get products to be widely known to the market by encouraging sharing on social networks.

The difference between slash sale and group buy is that slash sale price will only be enjoyed by the initiator, while group buy price will be shared by all the participants.

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Group Buy

Successfully adopted in social networks in China, Group Buy has becoming the next global trend for social e-commerces.

Fully verified by Pinduoduo(NASDAQ:PDD), which is now the latest e-commerce platform in China in terms of number of users, the methodology of buying together via social networks has proven to be working, especially for grocery and wholesale industries.

Flash Sale

Flash sale is a time-sensitive campaign tool that creates urgency for people to take timely actions for the purchase decisions.

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