Omni-channel e-commerce strategy to build your “private traffics”

In contrast to “public traffic” where the visits mainly land in external ecommerce platforms, “private traffic”focuses on building long term strength of the business and customer retention.

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What is an omni-channel e-commerce solution?

An omni-channel e-commerce solution gives customers a unified experience across various touch points, whether it’s from in-store kiosks or other digital/social channels.

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How Fooyo Commerce™ work out the omni-channel strategy?

customer centric


Depending on customer’s user journey, the solution creates a customer-centric experience that captures users’ needs.

unified experience

Unified experience

It provides unified user experience cross multiple online and offline channels.

context aware


The solution gives personalised suggestions based on different contexts and touch points.

What are the available channels?

The solution is currently available on most online channels, including websites, mobile apps, wechat mini programs, and various social network channels. It also has integrated with offline channels, including offline POS systems and Kiosk systems.

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