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Headless commerce architecture effectively decouples the presentation layer from the back-end layer via Open APIs.

headless commerce architecture

Do more with headless.

Fooyo Commerce™’s headless architecture gives brands the freedom to simultaneously run multiple stores across various front-end solutions.



By decoupling the front-end and back-end via a middle layer, the architecture allows more channels and systems interoperability (e.g. ERP, CRM, PIM, CMS).



Accelerated go-to-market (CTM), speed, agility and customisation to the Web Store and onsite kiosks.



Tailored shopping experiences to improve customer experience and sales conversion.

Established in 1984, Prime Supermarket is one of the pioneer Singapore supermarket chains. Today, it is the largest Singapore family owned supermarket chain with 25 outlets spanning across the island.


Originally, Prime used a traditional eCommerce system where the front-end website was tightly coupled with the back-end. As a result, Prime was unable to expand its business channels to other platforms such as the WeChat mini program, and was required to engage its vendor every time an update was required to either the front-end or back-end.

Our Solution

After adopting the system, Prime quickly ascended to be a pioneer in Southeast Asia in social eCommerce and reaped benefits like agility and commercial competitiveness:

  • Within 3 months, Prime successfully launched their multi-channel platform via a website, a WeChat Mini Program and their iOS and Android applications.
  • Prime adopted the latest technology in developing its website (ReactJS) and mobile applications (React Native).
  • As there were few interdependencies between each frontend channel, Prime was able to design personalised shopping experiences for it’s customers, hence improving sales conversion.

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