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Prime Supermarket

A pioneer grocery business adopting social e-commerce to drive their digital growth.

Prime Supermarket is one of the largest supermarket groups in Singapore. Social e-commerce is the path Prime takes to cope with the evolving e-commerce landscape in Southeast Asia.

Why Social E-commerce?

long term


It’s a long term strategy to build the organisation’s own capability and customer bases.

proven and workable

Proven and workable

Social e-commerce has proven to work during the pandemic for the wholesale and grocery industry in China and Singapore, it will work for Prime.

fast growing

Fast growing

The ROI for social e-commerce platform is measurable. Relying on social networks for user acquisition, it grows much faster than traditional e-commerce approaches.

The social e-commerce solution has worked for Prime, in improving productivity of the organisation, and encouraging people from outside of the organisation to become resellers. The platform is autonomous, efficient, and measurable.

  • Autonomous
    Group leaders can self manage the engagements and sales of the social groups, and get paid by
    the organisation without interferences from the management.
  • Efficient
    The overall process has been automated, all the way from order management, stock management,
    to logistics, billing and commission management.
  • Measurable
    The performance is easily measurable with the key data matrix. It helps the organisation transform to
    be more data-driven, and make rational decisions based on data.