mori mori florist

Mori Mori Florist

A Singapore-based digital-native florist brand.

Digital native brand Established in 2020

Flower supply from 20+ countries

Weekly live streaming

Regular local flash sales with more than 20,000+ DAU

Mori Mori started their e-commerce business on Fooyo Commerce, online first, social first, customer first.

online first

Online first

Mori Mori started online without an offline shop. It’s a digital native brand born for millennials and Generation Z.

social first

Social first

Mori Mori’s sales channel focus primarily on social networks. Such as Instagram, WeChat and Red.

customer first

Customer first

Mori Mori is customer-centric. They keep constant engagements with the customers during the whole sales circle.

The most effective Fooyo ecommerce tools Mori Mori use includes Flash Sale, Live Stream, and Voucher system.

Flash Sale

Mori Mori runs weekly flash sale deals on Fooyo ecommerce solution, with thousands of participants in each campaign.

Live Stream

The Fooyo e-commerce livestream tool helps improves the engagements between the merchant and the customers.

Voucher System

The voucher system.

mmf image

“… Our customers will rush for our weekly flower sales at the same time, which could be hundreds of concurrent orders in 5 seconds. We are impressed that Fooyo commerce is able to support our campaigns.”

– Sky Liu

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