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Chongqing Tourism Group

Largest state-owned tourism group in Chongqing, China.

17 attractions

including 2 five-stars and 8 four-stars

7 five-star cruises in Yangtze river
12 hotels

including 3 five-stars and 7 four-stars

2 travel agencies

over 400 shops

10 million+ yearly visitors

China-ASEAN Joint-Collaboration: Chongqing Pass 惠游重庆 (AI Chongqing) Smart Destination Platform

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About Chongqing Pass

  • Official Platform of Chongqing Tourism Bureau
  • Launched on August 2019
  • Became an important platform for POST-COVID Tourism Industry Recovery


  • Covers 300+ attractions and hotels in Chongqing
  • 110,000+ monthly new users(3 times more than before COVID)
  • Past 4 months, 220,000 venue scan checkins

Outside of Singapore, the Chongqing Tourism Group (CTG) is the biggest adopter of the system in China. CTG is the largest tourism group in Southwest China, with seventeen attractions, seven five-star cruises, twelve hotels and two travel agencies. The system has been successful in supporting CTG across its business units; it has helped CTG acquire and retain more than four million users since 2019.

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Customers in Chongqing

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