Fooyo Commerce™ is an eCommerce product of Fooyo Pte. Ltd., a lean digitalisation firm in Singapore. The product has seen successful adopted in countries in ASEAN and China.


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Fooyo Commerce™ caters to various user segments regardless of their platform.

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Our solutions have been adopted by over 500 businesses across 10 industries.

Industries include F&B, retail, tourism and hospitality, beauty and wellness and more.

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And we’re just getting started. With the help of our partners, our growth potential is endless.

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What the future of Commerce looks like.

Consumer behaviour patterns and demands have evolved progressively over the years, driven by factors such as demographic shifts and increasingly ubiquitous connectivity.

Consumers today, especially digital natives, are readily exposed to leading practices and expect a comprehensive and seamless online and offline experience.

The world needs a future-ready commerce platform that caters to the three prevailing consumer trends.

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62% of online shoppers are heavily influenced by third party resources and connections within their social networks, 75% of whom click-through to the sellers’ site.


Consumers are increasingly receptive of location-based services where they receive hyper localized messages and promotions.


The widespread use of smart mobile devices globally have made them an integral touch-point of every sales funnel, from marketing to discovery and consideration to purchase.

built the future

We’ve built the future, today.

Based on a headless commerce platform, Fooyo Commerce plays a critical role in:

Take control like never before.

Fooyo Commerce allows administrators to configure and manage products, promotions and bundles across all sales and marketing channels from a single pane of glass. The system aligns to the three guiding principles:


Caters to users who patronize across all online and offline channels using a cohesive omni-channel strategy.


Enables users to engage with the business within and outside of their physical premises.


Integrates with a wide range of internal and external systems.

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The difference we’re making today.

about fnb

Fooyo Commerce was authorized and approved by IMDA in 2021 as a featured commercialised solution for the F&B industry under SME Go Digital Programme.

Since its official launch, more than 50 SME restaurants have successfully applied for government grant support to adopt the system. The system supports digital services for delivery, self-collection and dine-in.

Success Story

One of the outstanding examples is XiaoPoDao WeChat Mini Program, running and managing more than 60 F&B stores in Singapore. With an average order quantity of up to 1,000 orders per day, it has become the top WeChat-based food-ordering platform in Singapore.

Two of the top three community group-buy platforms in Singapore are based on Fooyo Commerce. The system helps businesses engage more users across different channels. To improve operational and management efficiency, it has successfully integrated with their existing ERP, inventory tracking, warehouse management and finance systems.

Success Story

Prime Supermarket Ltd., the parent company of Singapore’s number two community group-buy platform, has successfully transformed from a traditional offline neighbourhood supermarket to a social eCommerce pioneer. It currently has more than 300 active hosts and more than 5,000 daily active users.

about retail
about tourism

Fooyo Commerce is widely used in the tourism and hospitality sector. As a certified partner of ticketing service providers such as Galaxy and GlobalTix, the system enables industry partners to provide enhanced digital ticketing services.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore:

To open the direct sales channels to the China market through WeChat mini program.

Singapore Flyer:

The WeChat mini program is integrated with Galaxy Connect system.

Travel agencies such as Siam Express:

To distribute tickets and customised tour packages to their partners and end customers.

Success Story

Outside of Singapore, the Chongqing Tourism Group (CTG) is the biggest adopter of the system in China. CTG is the largest tourism group in Southwest China, with 17 attractions, 7 five-star cruises, 12 hotels and 2 travel agencies. The system has been successful in supporting CTG across its business units and has helped CTG acquire and retain more than 4 million users since 2019.

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